Monday, February 2, 2015

Close up

This is a close up on my vending machine I have in my room. It has mike and Ike's in it. I thought it looked cool with all the different colors of candy in it.
This is my ultimate winter photo photo. This is a picture is taken in my backyard. I think it is an ultimate winter photo because all the trees are frosted over and the snow is white and puffy and the ground. 


I took my sports picture at my little brothers basketball tournament. My brother plays on a traveling team in Sioux Falls. Hes trying to box the kid out so he can get the ball. There team in playing the Trojans in a tournament.  

winter photo

This is my winter photography photo. This is a picture of a tree in my back yard covered in frost. I stood on my deck and took this picture. This picture was taking during the first major frost of the winter. 

Positive negative

This is my positive negative drawing. It is the Orange m&m with people in his stomach. You can see the people because he's holding a X-ray machine to his stomach. I used a special pencil in the darker places and my normal pencil in the lighter spots.