Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Texture Box

For my texture box project I made a hedgehog for the inside and a picket fence on the outside. i chose a picket fence because hedgehogs live in gardens. I made the hedgehog out of a foam ball and toothpicks. I painted flowers on the outside to give it more character. 


This is my school day photo. It is of Joan doing physics during pre-calc. It represents school well because this whole week has been full of study guides and reviews.


For my light photo I took a picture of my cousins Christmas tree. I liked how the light reflected off the bulbs. I took this because their tree looked nice and the lights looked good also.

Torn Paper

For my torn paper project I decided to make a chicken. I looked in a bunch of different magazines to find the different colors for the feathers. I decided to do a chicken because I thought all the colors would go together nicely.

unique selfie

This is my unique self portrait. I took this in my moms van when it was parked in the garage. I sat in the seat and moved the mirror so I could get myself in the picture in the picture.


I took this picture in the black hills when we were on our adventure around the area. I was going through pictures on my phone and came across this one. The path has a curve in it so I thought it would fit the project.

Everyday object

This is my everyday item photograph. It is of some measuring cups and tablespoons. I took them at my cousins house this weekend when I was there. I told him I needed a everyday object and he gave me these.

Saturday, November 19, 2016


For my signage I chose to use this one of Gino's Pizzeria in Chicago. I took this picture on my phone. I took this picture because I normally take pictures of the places we eat and this was my favorite place we ate on the trip.

Vertical lines

For my vertical line photo i used a picture of the building in Chicago. I took this picture last summer when I was there with my family. I took this from the water fairy with my phone. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016


I took a picture of some painted pumpkins for my tradition photo. These pumpkins were outside of a girl i babysits apartment. I saw them and I thought of this project so I took this picture.


I took this picture last summer when I was at the lake with my cousin. I chose this picture as my silhouette because the trees are defined. The sunset in the background also looks nice in this picture.

Tunnel Book

This is my tunnel book project. I planned on doing just a mountain scene but that looked boring so I added a moose. The pine trees were a pain to cut out but I think they turned out nice. My favorite part of this project is the moose.

Splash Watercolor

For my splash watercolor project I chose to do a cow. The cow has colorful spots and is dripping many different colors. I started of painting it like a normal cow but it needed something else so I gave it some color.

Thursday, October 20, 2016


This is my foot picture. I don't like feet so this photography project wasn't my favorite. I took a picture of my cousin Baillie's feet when I was at her house. Her feet were really red when I took the picture.


For my Halloween challenge I got the Cursed Ogre of the Sea. So I drew an Ogre coming out of the water. Ogre's are gross creatures so I drew mine with things suck to him like a starfish.


This is my simplicity photo. I placed a leaf in my rocks and took a picture of it. The red of the leaf really pops.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


This is my toys picture. It is a plastic dog with a tractor and truck in the background. I took this picture on my road/driveway.

horizontal lines

This is my horizontal photo. It is of a crosswalk by the Orthopedic Institute. I was walking to my car and I saw the lines and thought of this photography assignment.


To make my Cyanotype I downloaded brushes and made a design on the paper. Then I put my name int the corner of the paper. I then printed the paper off and had to put the solution on the paper and put it in the sun for 10 minutes.

Hidden Animal

This is my hidden animal it is a spider. I took a texture and a palate knife to make the background. Then I sculpted the spider with plaster and wire. Then i painted the design on the spider to make it hidden.


For my foreshortening picture I drew a cow. I then shaded the cow and gave it a background. The cows nose is closer to the camera then the rest of the body and that is what makes it a foreshortening picture.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Hot Glue

This is my hot glue project. It is a an anchor with a chain. I used metallic paint on my anchor and chain, and then water color for the water and sand. Then I put sea salt on the yellow to make it look like sand.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


This is my m&m melted crayon project. It is of 2 m&m' holding onto a package while melting. I really like the blue m&m with the crayon. 


This is my landscape photo. I took it in the black hills at one of the look out towers. You can see the view of the black hills 


This is my uncooked vegetable photo. It is of a squash that grew in my neighbors garden. It has some types of bugs on it that also live in the garden.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Light Painting

After I figured out how to use my moms Nikon D7100 camera in was set. I learned that somethings are made to turn out and other ones look really bad. I thought this project was really fun it was cool to see how the pictures turned out. Nate, Abby, and I tried many different things so that's why I gave you three pictures. I really like how these photos are all unique I didn't have one picture that turned out like the others which was cool.

Thursday, September 1, 2016


This is my quote project. I took a candle and put smoke on the paper and then burnt the edges of it. Then I marbled paper and cut circles out. Then I wrote my quote on the burnt paper. 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Shutter speed

For my shutter speed I had Kayla pour water on the ground.  The camera took pictures in a fast speed to capture the drops falling down. The speed is good for action shots.

Aperture Station

As the F-stop moves up the photos become less blurry. It also took a longer period of time for the camera to take the picture. It doesn't seem like it does a whole lot with the pictures.

ISO Station

As I moved the ISO up the pictured got lighter.  It started out really dark and as the numbers increased the pictures got lighter. 

For this one the pictures gradually got darker. I started at 3200 and that picture was really bright. When the mode was in 100 the picture was darker and looked more normal.