Saturday, November 19, 2016


For my signage I chose to use this one of Gino's Pizzeria in Chicago. I took this picture on my phone. I took this picture because I normally take pictures of the places we eat and this was my favorite place we ate on the trip.

Vertical lines

For my vertical line photo i used a picture of the building in Chicago. I took this picture last summer when I was there with my family. I took this from the water fairy with my phone. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016


I took a picture of some painted pumpkins for my tradition photo. These pumpkins were outside of a girl i babysits apartment. I saw them and I thought of this project so I took this picture.


I took this picture last summer when I was at the lake with my cousin. I chose this picture as my silhouette because the trees are defined. The sunset in the background also looks nice in this picture.

Tunnel Book

This is my tunnel book project. I planned on doing just a mountain scene but that looked boring so I added a moose. The pine trees were a pain to cut out but I think they turned out nice. My favorite part of this project is the moose.

Splash Watercolor

For my splash watercolor project I chose to do a cow. The cow has colorful spots and is dripping many different colors. I started of painting it like a normal cow but it needed something else so I gave it some color.