Friday, March 11, 2016


This is my abstract photo. It is a sidewalk in Chicago. I liked the pattern of the bricks so I took a picture of it. I like how all the bricks just fit together. 

Print making

This is my print making project. I like how my patterns turned out. I chose a lizard because I was thinking about what animal patterns would look good on. I really like these two colors and how the go with each other. 


For my cyanotype project I used the quote Let your faith be bigger than your fear. I like how the crosses turned out. This is one of my favorite saying so that's why I chose it. 


I chose to take a picture of these bells for my music photo. I took this picture in the band room. I took this picture with my phone. 

Light rays

This is my light Ray photo it is a picture of a tree in my back yard. I took this with a Nikon camera. I like how the the light goes through the tree. 


This is my shadow photo. It's a picture of my cousins dog Rouger. He was standing on the driveway when I took a picture of him. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


This is my clay coil project that is 18 inches tall. I picked mostly green and blue colors. My favorite part of this project was making the swirls and putting them together with the different sizes.