Tuesday, April 11, 2017

animal plus object

For my animal object project I chose to mix a hedgehog and a pineapple. I chose to mix these because these are both pokey. I decided to take the shape of the hedgehog and make the back of it look like a pineapple.

Monday, April 10, 2017


For my flight picture I found a picture I took in California when I was there last. This picture was at the beach where there were tons of seagulls. I took this picture to remember how annoying the seagulls were.

Faces in places

This is a face that I found in a dresser drawer that is in my grandmas old bedroom. When I found out about this project I immediately thought about this handle. The eyes are the two spots where the handles connect the nose is the middle circle and the mouth is the handle.

Light Rays

For my light rays photo I took a picture of the rays coming out behind a cloud. This picture is of the field that is across my grandpas house. I took it because I thought the light rays with the scenery looked interesting.

Leading Lines

For my leading lines project I took a picture of the lockers. The line of the lockers down the hallway follows a straight line. I took this picture with phone outside the art room.