Monday, April 20, 2015


This is my triptych of a dandelion. In the picture it's like the wind is blowing the puff balls off the stem. I drew it then traced it in permanent marker and then went over it with chalk. After I got it drawn and colored I cut it so it's in 3 pieces. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015


I took this picture on Easter during our family kick ball game. This is my grandpa kicking the ball. We play kickball ever year on Easter and there is always a lot of action going on. I took this picture with my moms Nikon camera. 


I took this picture in my aunts basement. It is a picture of the piano. I like how in this picture it focuses on the front keys and it kind of blurs the rest. I was sitting in her house and saw the piano and I remembered the project so I took a picture. 


This is my weaving project. In the beginning it was supposed to be a rug kind of thing, but then it curved into a bowl so that's what it is. I made this by weaving around a circle with yarn. To make it I had to tie many string to the outside of the circle and then weave up and down until I got it to the size I wanted. 

Something new

This picture is of one of my baby bunnies. This bunny is 3 weeks old so it is pretty new. I took this picture on my front lawn. This bunny is all white with red eyes just like its mom. 

Ants view

I took this picture outside on the driveway under the basketball hoop. When I took this it was about to rain. I was laying on the ground under the hoop to the picture. I took it with my phone.