Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Texture Box

For my texture box project I made a hedgehog for the inside and a picket fence on the outside. i chose a picket fence because hedgehogs live in gardens. I made the hedgehog out of a foam ball and toothpicks. I painted flowers on the outside to give it more character. 


This is my school day photo. It is of Joan doing physics during pre-calc. It represents school well because this whole week has been full of study guides and reviews.


For my light photo I took a picture of my cousins Christmas tree. I liked how the light reflected off the bulbs. I took this because their tree looked nice and the lights looked good also.

Torn Paper

For my torn paper project I decided to make a chicken. I looked in a bunch of different magazines to find the different colors for the feathers. I decided to do a chicken because I thought all the colors would go together nicely.

unique selfie

This is my unique self portrait. I took this in my moms van when it was parked in the garage. I sat in the seat and moved the mirror so I could get myself in the picture in the picture.


I took this picture in the black hills when we were on our adventure around the area. I was going through pictures on my phone and came across this one. The path has a curve in it so I thought it would fit the project.

Everyday object

This is my everyday item photograph. It is of some measuring cups and tablespoons. I took them at my cousins house this weekend when I was there. I told him I needed a everyday object and he gave me these.