Monday, October 19, 2015


This is the clay sculpture I mad to go along with my quote. I chose a creepy clock because my quote talks about the darkest hour so a clock sounded good. It's not finished yet but I really like the swirling eye. 


This is the grim reaper I made out of clay for the Halloween change, I think the red eyes gave it character. The hardest part about making him was not to make the clay to thin so it would break. 

Friday, October 16, 2015


This is my backlighting picture. I took it in Chicago in front of a fountain. I took it this summer on my vacation. I really find the skyscraper are interesting.

Ordinary object extra ordinary

This my extra ordinary pictures. It is a picture of a crushed Coke can. It is focused on the can so I think it looks cool 

Forced perspective

In my forced perspective photo I took a picture. It is a toy car places on my driveway. It looks like a actual car when you first look at it. I chose this ugly car because it was the first one I found. 


This is the my cardboard paint sculpture. It is a hand with red, blue, and black paint. The hand looks like it's coming out to grab you. I really liked the way the paint dripped down the hand.