Tuesday, January 31, 2017

print making

For my print making project I made dart frogs. This project has three layer the initial color of the frog, the block spots, and the rock. I chose a frog because I wanted an animal that looks good being a variation of colors.


I took this picture in the Black hills last summer when my family members were fishing. I like how the trees reflect well in the water.  I took this picture with my moms Nikon camera.

Black and White

For my black and white photo I used a picture of my grandpas burning barn. If you look closely you can see faces in the barn. I really like this picture the fire really pops.


 For my winter photo I took a picture of the tree in my backyard. I like how it has frost on it. I took this picture in the morning before I went to church with my phone.


This is my picture of love. I took this picture at their wedding when they were giving each other cake. I love my cousins face in this picture.